Daily Announcements


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday: Tornado, toast, applesauce, juice and milk

Chili, crackers, cheese squares, cucumber sticks, banana and milk

Friday: Biscuit, gravy & turkey bacon/cereal, biscuit, strawberries, juice and milk

Chicken patty, bread, green beans, orange and milk

Tuesday: Cereal, poptart, applesauce, juice and milk

Cheese bosco stick, marinara sauce, corn, peaches and milk

Wednesday: Egg omelet, toast, cantaloupe, juice and milk

General’s Tso chicken, egg roll, steamed broccoli, rice, cookie, orange and milk

Thursday: French toast, syrup, eggstravaganza, strawberries, juice and milk

Vegetable beef soup, peanut butter sandwich, celery sticks, banana and milk


Bottled Water is sold in the Office for $1 each. Earbuds can be purchased in the office for $2 each.

Water and earbuds may only be purchased between classes!


Students: Please do not use the lobby bathrooms during school hours.

Dress code reminder - sleeveless shirts can be worn. However cut off shirts, where the sleeves have been cut off beyond the seam are not allowed without an undershirt.

Red Ribbon Week—10/27-10/30

Tuesday: Get "Red"y for Red Ribbon Week - Wear red

Wednesday: We're too Bright for Drugs - Wear neon and sunglasses

Thursday: Being Drug Free is No Sweat - Wear exercise clothes

Friday: We're too "Ghoul" for Drugs - Wear Halloween/fall colors (purple, green, black, orange) and Halloween shirts NO COSTUMES

Clubs & Classes

SR Beta Members: Be sure to look at the Beta bulletin board to see what upcoming projects are available.

SR Beta Members: The 2020 - 2021 Project and Hour logs are now available in Mrs. Schweighauser's room

SR Beta Members: The State Convention Competition Sign Up form is posted on the bulletin board. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Schweighauser.

SR Beta Members: The fall blood drive that will be held at the First Baptist Church sign up form is posted on the bulletin board. There are limited spots available after school is dismissed.

Any student 16 or older interested in donating blood, see Mrs. Schweighauser to sign up. You will not be excused from school early to donate blood. The drive is not being held at our school due to the current health concerns and pandemic.

Junior Class Sr Beta Members: One person is needed to fill the class representative spot. See Mrs. Schweighauser to pick up a form ASAP if you are interested


ACT is MANDATING that all testers wear masks for the duration of your testing.

Please plan accordingly and have your mask with you when you arrive Saturday.

Any student interested in HS Quiz Bowl stop by and sign up on Mrs. Neece’s door.

The following juniors still need to pay class dues:

William, Isaac, Cristian, Laura, Cody, Colton, Jon, Stormy, Marshall, Wyatt, Holden, Terry, Lilly and Hayden! Please see Mrs. Frazier or Abbi ASAP!!

TRACTION—Working lunch on Wednesday, October 21st.

All STUCO members must bring in two large bags of suckers by the end of next week; caramel apple or blow pops! Check DG soon! Maddie, Brycen, Adrian, Chris, Carson, SR Lexi, Carsen, Ely, JR Tyler, Laura, Grace, SO Addy, Conor, Ethan, FR Colton, Brayden, Riqui.

Also, be generating ideas for the Veteran's Day Program!!!

Sr Beta Members- The Veteran's Day Project Opportunity is now available. The dates for this project are Oct. 22nd - Nov. 4th. For specific details see the flier on the bulletin board.

Sr Beta Members- If you are able to help out the janitorial staff with the upcoming Volleyball District's games sign up on the bulletin board.

Important Dates

October 22—Sr Beta Induction

October 29—Jr Beta Induction

Nov 23-Nov 27—Thanksgiving Break

Whippet Time Meetings

(The office will always announce for students to be released.)

Thursday, Oct 22—Sr Beta Members & Officers


All JH Basketball games are cancelled for this week.

Game Schedule

Thursday, Oct 22nd JH Boys & Girls Basketball at Eminence 5:00—Bus 3:30 (Cancelled)

Friday, Oct 23rd HS Volleyball at Clearwater 5:00—Bus 3:30

10/26-10/28 HS Volleyball Districts at Home

10/26-10/29 JH BRL Tournament

10/31 Cross Country Districts

Tuesday, Nov 3rd JH Boys & Girls Basketball at Home with Bunker 6:00